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The WH Tupper General Merchandise Museum in Jennings houses the entire inventory of a rural general store that closed more than 40 years ago. Exhibits include toys and games, period fashions, fabric, patent medicine, school supplies, antique automobile parts and hardware. Many items are in unopened packages or original display boxes. Exhibits include equipment, tools and telephones. Among the drugs and toiletries one could buy at the Tupper Store was Hadacol, a dietary supplement created by a legendary Louisiana entrepreneur/politician and marketed worldwide. Two bars of Ivory Soap cost only 5 cents and 12 Bayer aspirins sold for 3 cents. The museum's impressive toy collection includes a Kewpie Doll, antique checkers, a wind-up version of ventriloquist Edgar Bergen's Charlie McCarthy and Popeye and Olive Oyl wind-up where Olive Oyl plays an accordion while Popeye does a jig. Each with its own history, items range from the everyday to the rare. The Coushatta Indians, who still live north of Jennings in the town of Elton, once brought their pine needle baskets to the store to trade for food and other merchandise. Many of these prized examples of Native Indian basketry are displayed throughout the Tupper Store today. The historic significance of the W. H. Tupper General Merchandise Museum cannot be ignored. While it represents many an antique collector's dream, none of the store's treasures are for sale.

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311 N Main Street
Jennings, Louisiana 70546
United States

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Tuesday - Wednesday 10am - 2pm Thursday - Friday 10am - 4pm Saturday 10am - 3pm Closed Sunday and Monday

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