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Welcome to New Orleans Plantation Country, one of America’s most memorable travel destinations. Between the historic, Louisiana cities of New Orleans and Baton Rouge, countless stories live within the walls and grounds of our ten area plantations which have held watch over the mighty Mississippi for centuries. Enjoy our delicious Cajun and Creole cuisine, exhilarating swamp tours, comfortable accommodations and all the richness of Louisiana’s vibrant culture. The Most Celebrated Louisiana Plantations During their halcyon days most plantations produced sugar, which provided their owners with the kind of vast wealth it took to build these lavish estates. Each of the nine homes in New Orleans Plantation Country offers visitors a unique experience. Come and see their amazing architecture, design and landscaping. Stroll the shaded grounds beneath the outstretched limbs of ancient, moss-draped oak trees. Explore their intricately decorated, antique-filled rooms, and learn the stories of those who lived and worked here, in some of the most famous Louisiana plantations.

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