The Great Outdoors: The Cajun Coast

At the end of the journey of an ancient river lies a magical land suspended between the mysterious swamps filled with wildlife and the abundant fisheries of the Gulf of Mexico. If you love nature, your trip to Louisiana would not be complete without a stop in St. Mary Parish.

St. Mary Parish, better known as the Cajun Coast, is a sampler of everything Louisiana offers. You can explore the exotic beauty of the Atchafalaya on a swamp tour, or visit Antebellum homes, plantations, and historic communities around Franklin. Try your luck at the casino, or play a round of golf on one of the wildest terrains of the Audubon Golf Trail-The Atchafalaya at Idlewild.

For the adventurous outdoor lover, the Cajun Coast offers a network of bayous and waterways, which provide easy access to the swamp for nature enthusiasts, wildlife photographers, and bird watchers.

The Atchafalaya Basin Swamp is the largest river basin swamp in the United States, covering one third of Louisiana. Swamp tours through the lower Atchafalaya Basin will bring you into alligator, black bear, and bald eagle habitats. The cypress tupelo bottom-land is the perfect environment for these distinctly American creatures.


The St. Mary Loop Birding Trail is part of America’s Wetland Birding Trail. Bird watching is a year round event in South Louisiana, and the rich variety of avian life will thrill veteran birdwatchers and intrigue beginners. The Atchafalaya hardwood swamp, nearby coastal marsh, and ample farmland provide ecological niches that are home to more than 200 species.


Morgan City is the gateway to the Gulf, for the oil industry as well as sport fishermen. It offers easy access to the rich offshore waters, and some of the best action sport fishing in the Gulf of Mexico. While visiting, you should include chartering and offshore saltwater or freshwater fishing trip and get hooked up for the fight of your life with the big game fish.


The perfect place to start your Louisiana adventure is right here on the Cajun Coast. Come immerse yourself in what National Geographic called this “hauntingly beautiful land” for a taste of the real Louisiana. For more information, visit 

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08 Jun 2017