History and Culture on Display: Vermilion Parish

Over 150 years in the making, Vermilion Parish is steeped in history and seasoned with a dash of "joie de vivre."  It is known as "The Most Cajun Place on Earth," with nearly 50% of the citizens claiming Cajun ancestry.  Cajun French is still spoken in many of the towns, but English is still spoken, so don't worry.


The towns in Vermilion Parish date back to the 1800s and were the settling grounds for many of the French Acadiens after their expulsion from Nova Scotia.  The communities of Delcambre, Erath, Abbeville, Kaplan, and Gueydan are linked by the Cajun Corridor that crosses the parish to reveal quaint towns, tree-lined bayous, museums, locally-owned eating establishments and more.


Learn abuot the unique history and culture at a host of wodnerful museum and cultural attractions.  You will be able to view permanent displays and art exhibits to one-of-a-kind works of art.  Tour a hundred-year-old church or the Vivian Alexander studio, home to designer egg purses.  You never know what you'll discover when you visit Vermilion Parish.


Experience the culture up close at any of the festivals or fairs that honor the customs and traditions of the area with lots of Cajun music and great food.  Dance at a fais-do-do or just sit and watch the barges go by.  Come pass a good time throughout the year at some of the state's most popular festivals.  Here are some of the fall festivals.


The shrimp industry is celebrated with the Delcambre Shrimp Festival August 15 - 20.


Gueydan, the "Duck Capital of America," hosts the Gueydan Duck Festival August 24 - 27 to highlight the hunting heritage of the Acadiana region.


The Louisiana Cattle Festival celebrates the history of the dairy and cattle industries of Louisiana in Abbeville October 13 - 15.  Then November 4-5, Abbeville celebrates a tradition dating back to Napoleon with the Omelette Festival.


For more information on the many museums and festivals of Vermilion Parish, stop by the Vermilion Welcome Center at 1905 Veterans Memorial Drive (Hwy 14 by-pass) in Abbeville or visit www.mostcajun.com.  After hours visitors can obtain local information on the porch.

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18 Aug 2017