Back and Better than Before

From Denham Springs to Springfield, Livingston Parish is building back better than before. Everywhere you go there are businesses open and new construction.


Denham Springs and the surrounding areas were hit hard last August with what is being referred to as the 1000 Year Flood. Even though it has not been an easy road back, the spirit of Louisiana's people could not be broken. Neighbors from near and far responded with donations of supplies, sweat, and love to lift the communities of Livingston up out of the mud.


Six months after the historic flood, businesses are open, crowds have flooded in for festivals, and many families have been able to return to their homes.


Within days after the flooding, president of the Denham Springs Antique Village, Al Bye, was hard at work salvaging what he could and clearing the mud left by the nearly 8 feet of flood waters that inundated the historic downtown. Al was tired, but surprisingly upbeat on the future of not only Theater Antiques but the revitalization of the entire historic downtown village.


With over 90% of the shops reopened, most have rebuilt bigger and better than before the floods.


That means more unique shopping opportunities to discover treasures from the past along with local artisans, up and coming designers, one-of-a-kind pieces of furniture, and that special piece to compliemnt your wardrobe.


The enthusiasm is being felt throughout the parish. Restaurants are cooking up a storm to welcome visitors and residents back. The hotels that were full of workers in the early days after the flood are not filled with travelers, sportsmen, and guests from all over to partake in why Livingston Parish is considered the "Cajun Riviera."


From pristine wilderness areas, miles of waterways to restaurants, shopping, and everything in between, Livingston Parish has everything you could wish for.

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21 Mar 2017