A Cajun Feast: Vermilion Parish

Springtime on the bayou brings about beauty, wildlife, and fantastic weather.  While some things remain consistent in Louisiana (an abundance of food, festivals, and fun) other things are unique to this season, like temperatures warm enough for fun in the sun, yet cool enough to enjoy making a day of it!  When you find yourself in Louisiana for springtime, you won’t regret a trip down to Vermillion Parish, the best place in the world to experience Cajun culture. Plus, it’s the best time of year to do it!


Vermilion Parish is "The Most Cajun Place on Earth" according to Census Bureau records with nearly 50% of the citizens claiming Cajun ancestry.  Cajun French is still spoken in the rural parts of the parish. World-renown Cajun cooking is a wonderful part of the heritage and there are plenty of great restaurants in Vermilion Parish to showcase it. The parish’s close proximity to the Gulf of Mexico also means Vermilion boasts an abundance of fresh seafood in their amazing cuisine.


Speaking of seafood, the 7th Annual “Stir the Pot: Seafood Cook-off and Festival” will be held April 22, 2017 at Palmetto Island State Park in Abbeville.  The festival celebrates the rich Cajun culture and heritage of Cajun cooking through an annual competition featuring the bounty of the nearby gulf seafood, believed to be the best in the world.  In true Cajun fashion, the festival features live music (this year by the Beau Young Band), cooking competitions, nature talks, hikes, a live auction, raffle and much more fun. 


Vermillion Parish and the surrounding waterways are known as a sportsman’s paradise for hunting, fishing, and camping.  Enjoy a scenic canoe ride through the Vermillion River, or try your hand at capturing your own prey.  There is always an abundance of adventures to be had in Cajun country, and we hope you’ll enjoy making your own!


Southern hospitality is alive and well in these quaint towns. You're sure to feel like family before you leave, and you’ll understand why so many return again and again to visit. 

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20 Mar 2017

By Kandace Dequeant